Project Management Certificate

This certificate program is designed for practicing IT professionals who wish to update their knowledge in the increasingly important field of project management. Today, there is increased emphasis in the workplace on time and in budget delivery of IT projects and the need for good project management. Title IV federal financial aid is not available for this certificate program when taken alone but is available when taken as a component of the M.S. in Information Technology or M.S. in Emerging Technology programs.

Required Courses

  • IT 543: Project Management
  • IT 585: Managing Technical People OR IT 580 Technology Leadership

Two (2) courses from the following:

  • IT 548 Managing Digital Transformation
  • IT 630 Information Technology Practicum
  • MBA 515 Management in Organizations
  • MBA 517 Leading in Business
  • MGT 502 Leading Collaboration and Innovation
  • MGT 551 Influence and Negotiation Strategies