Applied AI (Graduate Certificate)

The Graduate Certificate in Applied AI is designed to educate and provide hands-on experience to all, technical or nontechnical, in the design, development and deployment of AI solutions across domains such as education, business, science and society in general. The program provides basic knowledge on how AI works and how it can be used in various domains, for example, to improve productivity, to offer better customer service, or to enable new products. Students research how AI applications work, including their reliance on high quality data and non-biased algorithms. They access and use a variety of AI platforms, open-source and proprietary, that can be used as building blocks for AI applications. The capstone project encompasses the development of an AI -based tool for use in a domain of the student’s choice. The program focuses on applying AI to a specific problem in any domain, given the availability of end-user AI platforms.

Applied AI (Graduate Certificate)
12 credits

Program Requirements

AI 511
Concepts in Artificial Intelligence
AI 531
Use-Inspired Generative AI Applications
AI 551
Using Generative AI Tools and Techniques
AI 680
AI Capstone Project: Domain Specific AI Application