Cybersecurity for Educators Certificate

This Certificate exposes educators to the key aspects of Cybersecurity and gives them the tools and understanding they will need to successfully instruct their students in cybersecurity. Our Cybersecurity for Educators Certificate includes the following courses:

Three required courses:

  • IT 520: Enterprise Infrastructure and Networks
  • IT 530: Computer Security
  • IT 570: Cybersecurity: Law, Policy, Ethics and Compliance.

And any three of the following:

  • IT 535: Advanced Computer Security
  • IT 537: Computer Forensics and Incident Response
  • IT 546: Principles of Data Science
  • IT 547: Security and Privacy of Electronic Documents
  • IT 557: Monitoring, Auditing and Penetration Testing
  • IT 588: Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • IT 630: Information Technology Practicum
  • IT 670: Computer Network Defense
  • IT 680: IT Master’s Project