Social Entrepreneurship Minor

This interdisciplinary minor is open to students in any major. It is designed for students who are socially minded entrepreneurs who want to develop skills in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Students analyze social issues in today’s global economy and learn how to apply business skills to address those issues, thereby fostering change. Students will be required to complete a community-based project of inquiry for their final project.

Minimum Grade Requirement: A minimum grade of C is required in any course in the Social Entrepreneurship minor.

Residency Requirement: Students must complete at least 12 credits of the minor requirement at Marymount.

Minor Requirements

21 credits

  • MGT 315 Entrepreneurship
  • MKT 301 Principles of Marketing
  • MGT 355 Managing Social Projects
  • SOC 131 Principles of Sociology in Global Perspective OR SOC 203 The Global Village
  • SOC 350 Social Justice
  • SOC 351 Addressing Injustice: Research Methods

One (1) course from the following:

  • SOC 421 Project
  • SOC 433 Research
  • MGT 490 Internship
  • MGT 499 Independent Study