Rowley Hall

Rowley Hall presents a classic residential experience that fosters a sense of community living through various means. This distinctive residence showcases a four-story building, embodying a rich historical legacy of the school. Positioned on the north side of the campus, Rowley Hall offers breathtaking views of iconic Washington, DC landmarks, including the National Cathedral. The hall boasts carpeted and air-conditioned hallways, ensuring a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for residents. Furthermore, residents benefit from the availability of spacious communal bathrooms, diligently maintained and cleaned on a daily basis by the hall’s dedicated custodian. Accommodation options within Rowley Hall include both single and double occupancy rooms, catering to individual preferences and needs.


Building and Room Features:

  • Rooms as described above are fully furnished with a twin bed, desk and chair, dresser and closet space
  • Common kitchen area and lounge with a TV.
  • High-speed wireless internet
  • Carbon dioxide and smoke detectors
  • The building is locked 24 hours a day and requires a key to access. 
  • Free card-operated laundry facilities located on each floor