Benefits of Living On Campus

We all know that living on campus gives you a room to stay in during your time at Marymount, but check out some of the hidden (and not so hidden) benefits of living on campus!

It supports your academic success: 

Studies have shown that students who live on campus tend to complete more credit hours and receive higher grade point averages. Students are also more likely to stay at the university and graduate than those who do not live on campus.

You are inside the campus community: 

When you live on campus, you are just steps away from the next big thing happening at Marymount! Sports events, student organization programming, and community service events are always happening throughout the week and on the weekends. Living in a residence hall means all of this is happening just outside of your door!

It is easier to make friends and connect:

Living on campus gives students the opportunity to meet each other, study together, and support each other within their home community. Our students get the chance to meet, interact, and learn with their diverse community members who live and learn around them.

You will never go hungry:

Marymount has many dining options throughout campus, including traditional cafeteria style, cafes, and grab-n-go’s. Looking for a home cooked meal? Every residence hall has a lounge where you can cook up your favorite meals from home!

Everything is included: 

Gym? Internet? TV? Printing? Laundry? All of these things are available to our students that live within our residence halls!

Safety and security: 

Marymount University has a Campus Safety office that supports our students 24/7. In partnership with the Student Living staff in the residence halls, they help make sure that all students are safe and respecting their neighbors.

Help is right down the hallway: 

Each residence hall floor has a Resident Assistant that lives on the floor with our students. The Resident Assistants are trained student staff that help build the community on their floor, and provide support and resources to students in their transition to college.