Medical Forms

The Marymount University medical forms must be completed and submitted to the Student Health Services before the deadline of August 1, 2023. If noncompliant, class attendance may be restricted.

All Marymount students born after December 31, 1956, must complete an immunization history. This documentation provides proof of compliance with immunization requirements mandated by the Commonwealth of Virginia and Marymount University. This requirement is separate and in addition to any department specific requirements. The required forms can be found at emailed to Records must be in English to ensure accuracy.

If you feel that you are exempt from the vaccination requirements due to religious or medical reasons, please contact Student Health Services to learn how to submit an exemption request.

If you are online, please notify Student Health Services. You are not required to submit any records.

Medical Forms:

Immunization Information and Record

Health History Form

Tuberculosis Screening

Hepatitis B Waiver

Consent to Treat a Minor