ADD & ADHD Management

Initial Evaluation for ADD/ADHD

  • Please note that the Student Health Services (SHS) does not provide initial evaluation or treatment for ADD/ADHD. Community resources for ADD/ADHD testing referrals are available upon request.

Continuation of Present ADD/ADHD Medication

  • Please call 703-284-1610 to schedule an appointment for an initial visit.
  • Before your appointment, Documentation of Previous ADD/ADHD Treatment form  must be completed by your outside provider. This should include the name and dose of the medication and the date last filled.
  • Before your appointment, please submit the most recent completed psychological and/or psychiatric evaluation, reports with a specific diagnosis, a list of test scores, and a narrative interpretation of scores.
  • Your provider may also attach progress notes pertaining to your care.
  • Once all required documentation is received the SHS will contact the student to confirm the initial appointment.

ADD/ADHD prescriptions will only be given on a monthly basis. A follow-up visit is required to receive a refill.  SHS will not refill ADD/ADHD medications via telephone or fax.

Psychostimulant Medication Contract

  • ​Please note the Psychostimulant contract must be completed by the patient at the initial visit and on an annual basis thereafter.

ADD/ADHD Academic Accommodations

  • Students in need of academic accommodations for ADD/ADHD must register with Student Access Services. In most situations, a Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation is required to access accommodations.