Portfolio in Motion

Millennium: The Chrome Age

Portfolio in Motion is Marymount’s largest student-led event and 1 of 3 signature events throughout the school year. Each spring, Portfolio in Motion is planned and produced by a combination of Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design students who construct garments, select and choreograph student models, design and light the set, write scripts, select music and much more. The program’s development can be observed on social media all spring semester @marymountpim.


For this year’s Portfolio in Motion fashion show, we are transporting Marymount to the year 3023. The theme is centered around innovation and ingenuity. We are flipping the fashion industry upside down and reconceptualizing the possibilities of creativity.

Millennium: The Chrome Age will feature an immersive experience that will stimulate the audience and make them question what the future of fashion holds.

Tickets for Portfolio in Motion

  • Opening Night: Thursday, April 20, 2023
    • VIP Cocktail Reception at 6:00 PM at the Administration Building
    • Join President Becerra and the Designer of the Year, Kim Schalk, for refreshments prior to the show
  • Friday and Saturday, April 21 & 22, 2023 at 7:00 PM
    • Join faculty, students, parents and friends for the fashion show
    • The School of Design + Art will be holding a SAINT SALE
      • You can shop our alumni and student work in the Lee Center Atrium prior to each night of the fashion show at 6 PM
      • We will be accepting cash, Venmo, and Cash App for all purchases

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2023 Designer of the Year: Kim Schalk

Portfolio in Motion

Inspired by Conflict: The Voice of an Artist

I have always had a strong personality and I think that shows in my designs. It’s been called super hero dressing. As a designer I am often conflicted on how to balance my aesthetic with my internal moral compass. I never really broke down my inspiration-the thing underneath the subtle details, folding techniques or style. Yes I am inspired by nature, by math, and vintage garments (thank you suffragettes and Dior). But my true voice is that of a tomboy who loved to play with bugs. And in 10th grade she watched “My Fair Lady” and was blown away. The melding of such a snot nosed kid who absolutely fell in love with fashion is where my story starts. While designing, I ponder this-Can a woman be both strong and feminine? This question is a persistent conflict in my design. Even the materials convey duality: soft terry knits folded into architectural shapes, or diaphanous silks merged with turgid cotton. I use these tools of technique, material, aesthetic and voice to speak for me: opposing concepts-duality in life. My line is inspired by conflict and all that it has to offer.

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About Portfolio in Motion

Portfolio in Motion is Marymount University’s premiere fashion event for students in the Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising programs.

Portfolio in Motion is the culminating academic project for both programs. Every aspect, from the jury-selected student designs and models to the show’s production on the Marymount campus, reflects their academic and creative efforts.

Each year the show features inspired creations designed by Marymount fashion design students and alumni. And students in Marymount’s fashion merchandising program produce a show that transports viewers to a world beyond their own.