Information Technology Minor

Technology drives our digital world and students entering the workplace in any field are expected to be able to use technology effectively. This minor is open to students pursuing a degree other than the B.S. in Information Technology and provides students with a general understanding of the information technology field including computer hardware and networks, information security, database management, and Java software development. A minor in Information Technology is a valuable complement to many programs, particularly Business Administration, as computers play an increasingly important role in today’s workplace.

  • IT 110 Information Technology in the Global Age
  • IT 120 Cybersecurity Principles
  • IT 125 Web Development or IT 129 Python Scripting or IT 130 Java Programming
  • IT 205 Digital Technology
  • IT 208 Computer Networking
  • IT 210 Software Engineering
  • IT 310 Database Technology

Minor Requirements

Current Information Technology Minor Requirements
Requirements prior to Fall 2021