First-Year Orientation

Attending the first-year orientation at Marymount University presents numerous advantages and invaluable experiences that facilitate a seamless transition into university life. Here are some of the benefits you can gain from participating:

  1. Familiarity with Campus: Explore the campus and become acquainted with important locations, making navigation more efficient and convenient.
  2. Introduction to University Policies: Develop a comprehensive understanding of the expectations and guidelines established by the university, ensuring a solid foundation from the start.
  3. Academic Advising: Receive expert guidance in selecting courses, planning your academic path, and comprehending the specific requirements for your chosen degree.
  4. Building a Supportive Network: Connect with fellow first-year students during the orientation, forging friendships and support networks that will prove invaluable throughout your college journey.
  5. Access to Resources and Services: Acquire knowledge about the various support services available on campus, such as tutoring centers, career services, and engaging extracurricular activities that enrich your overall university experience.
  6. Understanding Campus Culture: Gain insights into the distinctive campus culture, student organizations, and events, enabling active participation and engagement within the vibrant campus community.
  7. Preparation for Academic Success: Attend informative workshops and seminars focused on refining essential study skills and effective time management techniques, setting the stage for academic excellence.

Our mandatory comprehensive two-day overnight orientation program ensures that all first-year students fully immerse themselves in the university environment and gain firsthand experience of campus life. By residing in the residence halls, interacting with roommates, and experiencing the overall atmosphere, new students cultivate a sense of belonging and successfully acclimate to the college experience.

As part of your orientation experience, we warmly invite you to attend the First Year New Student Orientation, scheduled for either June 20-21 or June 23-24. This tailored program aims to provide you with valuable information and equip you with the necessary tools to thrive in your academic journey.

Register Here for New Student Orientation – June 20-21

Register Here for New Student Orientation – June 23-24