Parent Orientation Information

Welcome to the Marymount University community! We understand that this may be a new experience for you and members of your family and we are here to help. Parent and Family Orientation is a one- day event designed to provide important information and help families understand how best to assist and support students in their transition to Marymount. Participants of Parent and Family Orientation will:

  1. Develop a meaningful connection with the campus community through better understanding the history, values, and mission of the university and identifying resources that are integral to a successful student transition.
  2. Identify campus information and resources that support student retention, engagement, and success.
  3. Develop a greater understanding of their role and relationship with their student, other Marymount parents, and the university.

2021 Spring Parent Orientation Information

In order to remain responsive to our student needs during this everchanging time, Marymount’s 2021 Spring New Student Orientation will take place online. Beginning December 1, deposited first-year and transfer students will receive information via their Marymount email regarding opportunities for engagement with their future peers.

We are inviting parents, families, and guests to participate in an online orientation of their own. Parent and Family Orientation will consist of online content provided on the Marymount website, and eight virtual informational sessions that were prerecorded earlier this year. Please email with any questions or concerns, or to speak with a representative from the Orientation team.

There will be no on-campus orientation events for parents and guests at this spring, as we anticipate extended social distancing guidelines to continue through the remainder of the year. We will continue to follow CDC recommendations and guidelines to assure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. For more information on Marymount’s commitment to reopening in a safe and sustainable manner, please click here.