Workforce Planning and Compensation

Compensation Policy

Read about the types of Compensation Actions and the University’s guidelines for administering compensation, it also defines the types of bonuses and extra pay allowable. 

FY 24 Pay Grades

An established range of compensation based on target markets and positions with work requiring similar knowledge, skill, and ability. Pay Grades contain target ranges designed to distinguish between differing levels of experience, individual contribution, and employee type.

Job Description Template

Use this template to create a new job description The job or position description specifies the objectives, position duties, responsibilities, and specific knowledge, skills and abilities required for a position.

Job Levels

These are the descriptions of the different levels and categories of positions. This includes knowledge and skills, minimum qualifications, and expectations.

Managing Pay Within Grade Tool

Use this guide when looking to award an employee for contribution that is consistently above what is normally expected and required of the position.  This is only used for an in-salary grade increase, not a promotion.

Student Job Description Library

Find the right student job description here.