‘Golden Aura’ Portfolio in Motion unites Marymount community in person

‘Golden Aura’ Portfolio in Motion unites Marymount community in person


For the first time since 2019, the Marymount University community gathered together face to face to enjoy the premiere student fashion event of the year, Portfolio in Motion.

Fully planned and produced by Marymount students in the Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising programs, participating Saints wowed captivated audiences at the Rose Benté Lee Center during in-person shows from April 21 to April 23, as they displayed conceptualized garments that create an aesthetically pleasing and functional line of apparel.

“All of our students and faculty were so extremely passionate about making this an incredible event, and we succeeded. It was amazing to see the amount of guests we had over three nights as everyone came together – it really gave us a sense of community again,” said Julia Ravindran, Associate Professor of Fashion Design at Marymount University. “Last year due to COVID, we had presented Portfolio in Motion as an innovative virtual showcase and it was a fantastic performance. But to be able to meet alumni back on campus and see their reactions to the show was really special.”

‘Golden Aura’ Portfolio in Motion unites Marymount community in person

The theme of this year’s show, “Golden Aura,” was inspired by Rome’s Trevi Fountain and coined by the students as a time for reflection and looking back at the past few years and all of the changes individuals have endured.

“The origin of the golden theme comes from the color gold representing the color of success, achievement and triumph. Aura embraces the flow of energy through life – from day to night, your golden aura represents divine protection and offers spiritual enlightenment,” Ravindran explained. “Through this year’s theme, the students hoped to inspire and motivate others during this time of transition and change. We encourage all to delve into their own ‘golden hour,’ and follow the flow of energy in their life to new opportunities.”

Portfolio in Motion's 2022 theme, 'Golden Aura'

Each year, Portfolio in Motion brings a ‘Designer of the Year’ to campus to critique student work and offer one-on-one portfolio feedback. In this edition of the event, the Designers of the Year were Cynthia and Najla Burt, the remarkable mother-daughter duo behind the luxury women’s wear label Dur Doux. Debuting in 2013 in Washington, D.C., the label has become one of the best in the industry – earning titles at the Black in Fashion Council showroom at New York Fashion Week 2022, and getting featured in numerous publications for providing an affordable asset to luxury fashion.

Portfolio in Motion's Designer of the Year, Cynthia and Najla Burt of Dur Doux

Also on Portfolio in Motion’s opening night, several Marymount students involved in the event’s production were recognized with awards for their outstanding efforts:

  • Portfolio in Motion Award: Deonaé Carter-Beale
  • Sister Gabrielle Berg Memorial Award: Mina Hamodah and Jillian Abrigo
  • Excellence in Menswear Award: Ernesto Santalla
  • Best of 2022 Award for Line Coordination: Victoria Onuigbo
  • Best of 2022 Award for Creativity in a Garment: Caylee Shelton
  • Trailblazer Award: Best Kornwoodtikun (first place); Lydia Thomas (second place)
  • Standout Performance in Merchandising Award: Carolyn Treuting
Caylee Shelton and Dwayne Latimer during 2022 Portfolio in Motion
Caylee Shelton and Dwayne Latimer during 2022 Portfolio in Motion


Shelton, a senior Fashion Design student this past semester, was even approached at the event about displaying her vibrant, gender-fluid clothing line at Smithsonian Arts + Industries ‘Into the Future of Fashion’ show in mid-May.

“It really goes to show the value of in-person connections and of hosting events like Portfolio in Motion face to face – the possible opportunities that can develop from these moments are endless,” Ravindran said.

The conclusion of the ‘Golden Aura’ performances wasn’t the end for this year’s Portfolio in Motion – the senior exhibition featuring lines for specific target markets is still on display at the Cody Gallery until May 20, and they will then be moving to Fashion Centre at Pentagon City for further display this summer.

‘Golden Aura’ Portfolio in Motion unites Marymount community in person