Elementary Education (M.Ed.)

This program is designed for those who wish to earn licensure to teach in the pre-school and/or elementary setting (grades PK-6). For Virginia licensure, individuals must provide evidence of a wide range of general studies competencies in undergraduate coursework and a course in human growth and development.

The M.Ed. in elementary education with licensure is available at the main campus Monday through Friday.

Degree Requirements

36 credits
Many courses require field experience. See course descriptions for details.

(ED 500 and ED 509 are required as the first courses in this program, as they provide the foundation for all other courses.)

  • ED 500 Foundations of Education & the Teaching Profession
  • ED 509 Special Education: Foundations and Characteristics of Exceptional Learners
  • ED 551 Instruction and Assessment
  • ED 552 Effective Classroom Management#
  • ED 554 Educational Technology
  • ED 555 Literacy Methods for Diverse Learners: Grades PK-2
  • ED 556 Literacy Methods for Diverse Learners: Grades 3-6
  • ED 557 Social Studies and the Expressive Arts
  • ED 558 Elementary Math Methods
  • ED 559 Elementary Science Methods
  • ED 570E Student Teaching: PK-6#

#ED 552 and ED 570E must be taken at the same time.