Student Research Conference

Marymount University

2024 Student Research Conference

Wednesday, April 24
Ballston Center, Arlington, VA

The Student Research Conference (SRC) is an annual celebration of Marymount’s student scholarship and creative works. All students, both undergraduate and graduate, who have completed a significant scholarly or creative project are encouraged to apply. A wide range of student scholarly projects are eligible: theses, dissertations, capstone projects, directed research, action research, case reports, literary analysis that reveals new connections and insights, creative works in art and design, major classroom scholarly projects, and fellowship research.

Please click This Link to view the schedule for the conference:

Zoom link to attend or present virtually is included in the schedule.

Undergraduate Presentations 

On-campus, in-person only 

9:15 AM – 1:30 PM 
Graduate Presentations  

In-person for on-campus graduate programs. Remote for fully online programs (with option to come to campus for in-person delivery) 

1:30 PM – 6:00 PM 


Types of Presentations

Oral Presentations : These are 25-minute presentations (20 minutes for presentation and 5 for questions from the audience).

Poster Presentations: Projects, summarized on a 42″ x 36″ poster and displayed in one large room or hallway. During a dedicated poster session, authors stand at their posters and the ‘audience’ walks among the posters, talking with the authors one-on-one.

Lightening Presentations/Posters: Short presentations (7 minutes to present and 3 for questions) delivered in presentation or poster format


Guidelines for Preparing Poster Presentations:

If you are selected to present a poster, the Research Committee will arrange for printing it at no cost to you provided you meet these requirements:

  • Create an electronic version of your poster using the general PowerPoint template described below.
  • Save your final PowerPoint poster as a PDF.
  • Once saved as a PDF, examine the PDF carefully to be sure everything is formatted correctly. The poster will print exactly as it appears in the PDF.
  • No later than April 18th 2024, upload the poster PDF. This is to ensure that your poster will be printed out in time. No submissions will be accepted after this date.

Steps in Getting Your Poster Printed by MU:

  • You will create your poster using Powerpoint at the dimensions below and then you will download it as a PDF file.
  • You will upload the PDF to this site.

Dimensions for your poster:

  • You will need to create the poster so it can be printed at asize of 48 by 36 inches–you do this by creating the file with the dimensions of 24 by 18 inches.

At the time of printing the file will be doubled in size by the MU Copy Center. The Powerpoint template for the Student Research Conference Presentation can be found at the link below and is already set at the correct dimensions. You are free to use that and add whatever images or text you need to get your point across. Remember to export the finished poster as a PDF.

Link to Powerpoint Poster Template: Poster Template – 24 x18.pptx

Additional Resources to help you create a poster:

  • Here is a short presentation on everything you need to know about creating a conference poster: Creating a Poster Presentation
  • Here is a video from a past Student Research Conference with advice on how to create a poster. PLEASE NOTE that the dimensions in this presentation are different from the ones we are requiring this year. Make sure you create your poster at the dimensions above:

Learn how to cite your sources by following the instructions in this link

For additional information, please email us at