Student Research Conference

2022 University-wide Student Research Conference (SRC)

The Student Research Conference (SRC) is an annual celebration of Marymount’s student scholarship and creative works. Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to present their work. The 2022 SRC is scheduled to be held on April 22, 2022.

All students who have completed a significant scholarly or creative project are encouraged to submit their work for presentation. A wide range of student scholarly projects are eligible: theses, dissertations, capstone projects, directed research, action research, case reports, literary analysis that reveals new connections and insights, creative works in art and design, major classroom scholarly projects, fellowship research.

The 2022 SRC will have three overarching thematic areas. Although participation is not limited to the thematic areas listed below, these areas will be highlighted through interdisciplinary panel discussions and additional student award opportunities. We encourage the submission of projects that fit into one of these three thematic areas.

Thematic Areas for 2022 SRC

1. Innovation for Tomorrow’s Workforce- The Future of Work
(e.g., business processes; career pathways; knowledge, skills, attitudes; social systems, culture, etc)

2. Optimal Aging: Factors Enhancing/Impacting Quality of Life of Older Adults
(e.g., physical, mental, behavioral, social, environmental, financial, computer security, UI/UX computer design for older adults, etc.)

3. Social Justice- Local to Global
(e.g., ethics, multiculturalism, race/ethnicity, gender, politics, socioeconomic status, ethical data usage, and machine learning bias, etc.)

More information about the 2022 conference will be posted later. 

Award Winners for 2021 Student Research Conference

The 2021 SRC was held on April 21, 2021. Congratulations to all the students who participated in this event. Thank you!

See the full list of presentations for 2021 in the SRC archives tab on the left.  Zoom videos are available for some of the presentations and posted with the schedule.

Presentations were judged for clarity, impact, methodology, and ability to engage the audience. For each College, first and second place awards were given in both the undergraduate and graduate categories.  The list of award winners, along with their presentation topics, are provided below.

College of Health and Education

Undergraduate Student Presenters

First Place- tie Allison Beresford A study of textbook inclusion of special education: aspiration or reality?
First Place- tie Michael Chen The Effect of Low-FODMAP Dietary Education Provided by Nurses on the Quality of Life of Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Watch Video
Second place Sadiah Rahman Reducing Cesarean Delivery Through Prenatal Childbirth Classes. Watch Video

Graduate Student Presenters

First Place- tie Francies Stephenson Determining the Effectiveness of the Orton Gillingham Approach to Teaching Spelling in Hybrid Settings.
First place- tie William Thompson Postsecondary Perspectives of Students with ASD. Watch Video
Second Place Melinda Gomes What strategies can general education teachers implement to help students with ADHD, Math Disabilities, and Reading disabilities?

College of Business, Innovation, Leadership, and Technology

Undergraduate Student Presenters

First Place Steve Henry LiteETA. Watch Video
Second place Natalie Valentine Vengeance Is Mine. Watch Video

Graduate Student Presenters

First Place Kaci McNeave Factors in Utilization of ED for Non-traumatic Dental Conditions in Maryland
Second Place- tie Katherine Schroeder A Knowledge Graph Approach to the Attribution Problem in Cybersecurity
Second place- tie Marie Paula Acelas Bautista Empathetic cross-culture patient communication: A crucial component to improving patient engagement

College of Sciences and Humanities

Undergraduate Student Presenters

First place Jack Tiene Media Coverage of Police Reform: How the Source Effects the Message. Watch Video
Second place Jasmine Roy Understanding the Complexity of Retinitis Pigmentosa and the Hope for Gene Therapy. Watch Video

You can access a full list of the projects presented in 2021 from the SRC archives tab on the left side of the page.