Explore and understand the inner workings of the human brain with a B.S. in Neuroscience

How does the brain function? How does it influence what we think and do? What happens when something goes wrong? Delve into questions about the development, structure, and function of the human brain and nervous system with a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience at Marymount University. Find out how the brain affects our thinking, behavior, emotions, memories, and decisions. Your in-depth studies will reveal how genetics, biology, and biochemistry influence the development of psychological disorders, and you will explore the latest developments in treatments for conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to substance abuse.

  • Interdisciplinary approach  

The interdisciplinary study of Neuroscience combines classes in biology, psychology, neuroscience, and chemistry. This cross-pollination of methods and ideas propels new insights and innovations that are on the horizon for diagnosing and treating critical neurological and psychiatric conditions. You’ll have the option of completing a brain and behavior-focused internship in either Biology (BIO 400) or Psychology (PSY 400).

  • Professional outcomes

A B.S. in Neuroscience provides students with a foundation for an incredibly broad range of career options including counseling, therapy, addiction treatment, or social work. It is also the logical path for those pursuing graduate education in neuroscience, or for those pursuing medical school concentrating on psychiatric care.

  • Subject matter experts 

The foundational curriculum of the Neuroscience program is based on site at Marymount’s campus and supplemented with courses taught remotely by esteemed leaders of the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative (NNCI). The NNCI is a renowned collaboration between educators and neuroscientists that presents core concepts in neuroscience to a broad audience. See Program Features for our NNCI leaders.

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