Ryan Napolitano

Ryan Napolitano

Ryan Napolitano is a Marymount Clinical Mental Health Counseling alumni!

Ryan is an LPC, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified Personality Disorder Treatment Provider, and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. He is currently working at Camino Recovery in Málaga, Spain.

Prior to this, he was a collegiate baseball player and coach, sports counselor, in-house counselor in a psychiatrist office, and worked in recovery at Phoenix House (now National Capital Treatment & Recovery).

Ryan pulls from a unique blend of former careers and passions that inform his approach. With an undergraduate degree in business administration and experience in technology development, he provides a clear structured approach that flexes to client needs as they progress in treatment.

To complement this approach is Ryan’s focus on developing self-awareness and insight through mindfulness. He believes that each client has the ability to re-train self-defeating patterns by increasing the ability for each client to observe themselves. He believes that addiction stifles this innate mechanism and igniting this pathway is primary to a strong rehabilitation program, not just to abstain from the substance or behavior, but to thrive in their recovery journey.

Ryan’s approach as a transpersonal psychotherapist aligns with the basis of recovery as a spiritual program. He defines this as identifying and strengthening the unique gifts of each person so that they can transcend the bind of addiction into meaning and purpose across the lifespan.