Annetta Benjamin

Annetta BenjaminAnnetta obtained her Bachelor’s degree in psychology and Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling both from our great Marymount University. After completing her graduate degree, Mrs. Benjamin went on to receive her Clinical License as a Professional Counselor (LPC) and Certification as a National Counselor (NCC) in the state of Virginia. She has supervised and managed undergraduate and graduate student interns, many of which have come from Marymount University. She also taught the Child and Adolescent Psychopathology course for juniors and seniors at Marymount, as an adjunct Professor.

She specializes in counseling children, adolescents, and young adults with behavior, academic, self-esteem, coping, communication, bereavement, eating, and anger issues. She also counsels’ adults, couples, and the elderly with spiritual, bereavement, communication, family, relationship, depression, self-esteem, body image, and anxiety concerns.

Mrs. Benjamin has been in private practice at Benjamin Counseling Center, LLC for ten years and has been able to expand to a group practice by adding ten additional therapists. Mrs. Benjamin is also a Clinical Supervisor for Residents In Counseling, Undergraduate and Graduate student interns. In addition to the latter, Mrs. Benjamin added the title of Life Coach in the fall of 2018 and Author in the spring of 2019.  Annetta published her first book 5 Helpers 5 Hurts: A Guide To Improve Your Thoughts & Feelings, and then in the fall of 2020 she published 5 Helpers 5 Hurts Journal: A Notebook to Track your Thoughts and Feelings, which are both available on

As an active community member, she is often found at colleges, elementary and high schools, churches, and various community centers as a speaker, providing mental health and wellness education. She has also been featured on several podcasts, radio, and YouTube channels regarding her success as an entrepreneur.

In her personal life, Mrs. Benjamin carries the proud title of Mother, to her teenage son Jayden and her new title as Wife to her amazing husband Luis.