Dr. Lillian Walker Shelton

Dr. Lillian Walker Shelton Dr. Lillian Walker Shelton is originally from Philadelphia. While living there she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from St. Joseph’s University. She has a Master’s degree from Trinity Washington University in Community Mental Health Counseling. After receiving her Master’s degree, she worked in Community Mental Health and private practice. In 2018, Dr. Walker Shelton received her doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision from Marymount University.

As a doctoral student, Lillian Walker Shelton was greatly involved in her community helping women and people of color. She was an advocate for cervical cancer awareness and facilitator for The African Women’s Empowerment Day. This is a day of workshops sponsored by Catholic Charities for African Women who have experienced Domestic Violence. In 2017, during Lillian’s time at Marymount, she traveled to Haiti with Global Trauma Research to help train nurses, teachers, and community members about mental health. Since Lillian graduated from Marymount in 2018 she has continued to help communities of color have access to mental health resources. Unfortunately in 2020, Lillian was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, she took this challenge and changed it into an opportunity to share her story by speaking to women about the importance of community support for mental health when being treated for breast cancer.

Dr. Walker Shelton is currently a field consultant for Magellan and has a private practice in Silver Spring, Maryland. She is also an adjunct professor here at Marymount in the School of Counseling.