Marymount’s Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture + Design program will prepare you for a career as a creative, ethically responsible, proficient interior architect or designer.

The curriculum of the M. Wilhelmina Boldt Interior Design program combines general education classes, known as the University’s Liberal Arts Core, with professionally directed coursework to develop practitioners with a commitment to critical thinking, lifelong learning, and concern for the well-being of people and the environment. The combined coursework provides a broad understanding of human needs within the built environment as required for practice. They also foster an interdisciplinary approach to design and establish a foundation for lifelong learning.

Your coursework in the major integrates aesthetic theory, architectural principles, human-behavior concepts, technology, business practices, and sustainable design. In the classroom, your focus will be on design knowledge and skills, as well as a comprehensive design process with an emphasis on the development of programming skills. This includes proficiencies that address client goals and needs, graphic and written communication, problem solving, critical thinking, ethics, and social responsibility. Although industry-standard computer software is taught, drafting and freehand sketching skills are emphasized for effective design communication.

Marymount’s Interior Architecture + Design Programs are STEM

The B.A. in Interior Architecture + Design program at Marymount University is designated as a STEM degree. Beginning in the Fall 2023 semester, international students enrolled in this program can apply for a 24-month extension of their post-completion OPT (Optional Practice Training) for a total of 36 months. Please contact the Office of International Students and Scholars Services at for detailed information and assistance on OPT.

CIDA Accredited

The interior architecture + design program leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture + Design is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA),, 206 Grandville Avenue, Suite 350, Grand Rapids, MI, 49503. CIDA has continually accredited Marymount’s undergraduate Interior Architecture + Design program since 1985.

Marymount’s CIDA-accredited program prepares students for entry-level interior architecture and design practices, for advanced study, and to apply for membership in professional interior design organizations. The Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture + Design granted by Marymount University meets the educational requirement for eligibility to sit for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification Examination (NCIDQ Exam). For more information about NCIDQ Exam eligibility visit:

Program Requirements

Required Coursework

  • ID 101 – Introduction to Interior Design and Theory
  • ID 102 – Foundation Studio I
  • ID 121 – Freehand Drafting
  • ID 122 – Sketching and Rendering for Ideas
  • ID 203 – Foundation Studio II
  • ID 204 – Practice Studio I (Residential)
  • ID 223 – Presentation Drawings
  • ID 231 – Textiles and Finish Materials
  • ID 305 – Practice Studio II (Workplace)
  • ID 306 – Practice Studio III (Healthcare and Wellness)
  • ID 325 – Construction Documents
  • ID 332 – Building Technology
  • ID 333 – Lighting Design
  • ID 350 – History of Interiors I
  • ID 351 – History of Interiors II
  • ID 400 – Internship
  • ID 407 – Practice Studio IV (Hospitality)
  • ID 408 – Senior Capstone I
  • ID 409 – Senior Capstone II
  • ID 434 – Business Procedures
  • VIS 101 – User Centered Design
  • VIS 111 – Intro to Color and Design
  • VIS 121 – Intro to Digital Tools

Interior Design History

Select one (1) course, choosing from the following:
  • AH 202 – Intro to Art History: Renaissance to Modern
  • VIS 204 – History of Modern Design


Select two (2) courses, choosing from the following:
  • ID 336 – Principles of Sustainable Design
  • ID 412 – Furniture and Display Design
  • ID 415 – Advanced Sketching and Rendering
  • ID 416 – Digital Communication for Interior Design
  • ID 435 – Professional Development
  • ID 436 – Technology for Interior Design
  • ID 438 – Color, Light, and Human Behavior
  • ID 453 – Modern Design and Architecture
  • ID 458 – Interior Design Study Tour
  • VIS 327 – Portfolio

Admission Criteria for Nondegree Students: Under certain circumstances, a student admitted on a nondegree basis may be permitted to take Interior Architecture + Design courses with permission of the director of the School of Design + Art. Nondegree students are limited to no more than two IAD courses, up to six (6) credits.