Design Studies (B.A.)

Marymount’s Design Studies B.A. degree provides students with a broad multidisciplinary education in design. Students will have the opportunity to combine courses in our Visual Arts core with a declared concentration in one of the following areas: Fashion Design, Graphic and Media Design, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, UX/UI Web Design, or Visual Merchandising. Many students will be able to further customize their degree by selecting a second concentration. By providing students with the opportunity to explore multiple disciplines, we ensure that students graduate from the program ready to obtain a job within the fast-growing design field.

The Design Studies B.A. degree offers small, hands-on classroom experiences taught by faculty with diverse design backgrounds. Our workplace-ready culture allows students to write, work on teams, present, use industry standard software, and operate with a high-level of creativity so that they quickly rise to the top amongst their peers in the industry. Students will also have the opportunity to network and engage with alumni working in the field so that they build connections with influencers hiring within Washington, DC’s top firms and corporations.

Program Requirements

Required Coursework

  • VIS 101 – User Centered Design
  • VIS 111 – Intro to Color and Design
  • VIS 112 – Drawing I
  • VIS 121 – Intro to Digital Tools
  • VIS 204 – History of Modern Design
  • VIS 214 – Three-Dimensional Design
  • VIS 224 – Digital Publishing
  • VIS 225 – Digital Photography
  • VIS 327 – Portfolio

Design History

Select one (1) course, choosing from the following:
  • AH 202 – Intro to Art History: Renaissance to Modern
  • FD 361 – Survey of Fashion
  • GMD 301 – History of Graphic Design
  • ID 351 – History of Interiors II


Select one (1) course, choosing from the following:
  • FD 400 – Internship
  • GMD 400 – Internship
  • ID 400 – Internship

Research Project

Select one (1) course, choosing from the following:
  • ART 433 – Research
  • FD 433 – Research
  • GMD 433 – Research
  • ID 421 – Independent Project

Concentration / Minor

Select one (1) minor, choosing from the following: