First Professional Degree

Program Requirements

The M. Wilhelmina Boldt Interior Design Program offers two programs leading to a Master of Arts in interior design. The first professional degree is for those with a baccalaureate degree not in interior design or architecture. ​Students are subject to graduate student academic policies and procedures as stated in this catalog while taking the undergraduate leveling courses.

Full-time Degree Plan (63 credits total)

  • Full-time students can expect to complete this degree in three years.
  • Part-time students can expect complete this degree in four years.
  • Courses are offered after 3:30pm Monday through Thursday.

Download Full-time and Part-time Degree Plans


Fall Semester (9 credits)

  • ID-121 Freehand Drafting
  • ID-231 Textiles and Finish Materials
  • ID-600 User Centered Design Thinking

Spring Semester (9 credits)

  • ID-102 Foundation Studio I
  • ID-122 Sketching and Rendering for Ideas
  • VIS-121 Intro to Digital Tools (Adobe CC)

Summer Semester (6 credits)

  • ID-204 Foundation Studio III (Residential Design)
  • ID-223 Presentation Drawings (Revit, Photo-Realistic Rendering, and more) *See Laptop Requirements

Fall Semester (9 credits)

Spring Semester (9 credits)

  • ID 533 Illumination Systems
  • ID 551 History of Architecture and Interiors II
  • ID 606 Graduate Practice Studio II (Healthcare & Wellness Design) *See Laptop Requirements

Summer Semester (3 credits)

  • ID 550 History of Architecture and Interiors I

Fall Semester (9 credits)

  • ID 534 Professional Practice
  • ID 607 Graduate Practice Studio III (Hospitality Design) *See Laptop Requirements
  • ID 698 Thesis or Design Research I

Spring Semester (9 credits)

  • ID 699 Thesis or Design Research II *See Laptop Requirements
  • ID Graduate Elective (see list below)
  • ID Graduate Elective (see list below)
Interior Design Graduate Electives

During the course of study, graduate Interior Design students will complete two courses (6 credits) from the following course list:

  • ID 512 Furniture Design Seminar
  • ID 515 Advanced Field Study and Rendering
  • ID 524 Design Methods Seminar
  • ID 527 Ecological Interior Design
  • ID 536 Technology for Interior Design Seminar
  • ID 538 Graduate Color, Light, and Human Perception
  • ID 553 Modern Design and Architecture Seminar
  • ID 554 Historic Preservation Seminar
  • ID 558 Interior Design Study Tour
  • ID 590 Practicum