First Professional Degree

Program Requirements

The M. Wilhelmina Boldt Interior Design Program offers two programs leading to a Master of Arts in interior design. The first professional degree is for those with a baccalaureate degree not in interior design or architecture. ​Students are subject to graduate student academic policies and procedures as stated in this catalog while taking the undergraduate leveling courses.

Degree Plan

  • Full-time students can expect to complete this degree in three years.
  • Part-time students can expect complete this degree in four years.
  • Courses are offered after 3:30pm Monday through Thursday.

Year 1, Full-time – 9 courses (27 credits)

Fall Semester (9cr) Spring Semester (9cr) Summer Semester (9cr)
ID 121
Freehand Drafting
ID 122
Sketching and Rendering
ID 223
Presentation Drawings
ID 500
Practice, Theory and Research
ID 231
Textiles and Finish Materials
FA 104
Color Theory
ID 501
Graduate Studio I
ID 502
Graduate Studio II
FA 201
Introduction to Art History: Ancient to Medievalor FA 202
Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to Modern

or FA 300-level art history course

Year 2, Full-time – 7 courses (21 credits)

Fall Semester (9cr) Spring Semester (9cr) Summer Semester (3cr)
ID 532
Construction and Environmental Systems
ID 533
Illumination Systems
ID 550
History of Architecture and Interiors I
ID 545
Graduate Construction Docs
ID 551
History of Architecture and Interiors II
ID 605
Graduate Practice Studio I
ID 606
Graduate Practice Studio II

Year 3, Full-time – 6 courses (18 credits)

Fall Semester (9cr) Spring Semester (9cr)
ID 534
Professional Practice
ID 699
Thesis or Design Research II
ID 607
Graduate Practice Studio III
ID Graduate Elective
(see list below)
ID 698
Thesis or Design Research I
ID Graduate Elective
(see list below)

Interior Design Graduate Electives

During the course of study, graduate Interior Design students will complete two courses (6 credits) from the following course list:

  • ID 512 Furniture Design Seminar
  • ID 515 Advanced Field Study and Rendering
  • ID 522 Environmental Behavior Seminary
  • ID 524 Design Methods Seminar
  • ID 525 Healthcare Seminar
  • ID 527 Ecological Interior Design
  • ID 535 Illumination and Acoustical Design Seminar
  • ID 536 Technology for Interior Design Seminar
  • ID 538 Graduate Color, Light, and Human Perception
  • ID 553 Modern Design and Architecture Seminar
  • ID 554 Historic Preservation Seminar
  • ID 558 Interior Design Study Tour
  • ID 590 Practicum
  • ID 595 Graduate Directed Research