Interior Design Student Organizations

Interior Design Alliance (IDA)

The Interior Design Alliance is Marymount University’s student organization for Interior Design majors. As a member, you can join either American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), or both.

  • The Interior Design Alliance sponsors and organizes special events and trips for students.
  • Membership in student organizations is a proven way to meet design professionals and jump-start the networking process.
  • Interior Design graduate students are encouraged to join the IDA.
  • Contact IDA’s faculty liason Doug Seidler for further information.

ASID Student Membership

By positioning yourself as an ASID STUDENT MEMBER you demonstrate to peers, professionals and future employers that you are proactive and take yourself and your future seriously. Join ASID at a national level to be one of the thousands of student members who enjoy: “Student Member ASID” Appellation, RealWorld DesignWeek—a national job shadowing program, Networking Opportunities, and more.
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IIDA Student Membership

IIDA Student Membership provides students enrolled in an interior design program the resources they need for educational and professional development, that are not available on campus. These benefits are exclusive to IIDA Student Members and give aspiring designers unique opportunities to build professional connections that extend well after graduation.
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