Community of Care

Community of Care


Guided by the example of our founders the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary that all may have life to the full, Marymount University has designed a Community of Care framework which demonstrates our commitment to a proactive, collaborative, coordinated, objective and thoughtful process to sutiations that may pose a threat to the safety and well-being of the campus community.  The teams that make up the Community of Care framework are listed below.

Student Care Team

The Student Care Team (formerly the Behavioral Concerns Team) receives primary notifications from faculty, staff, and students regarding an individual of concern.  These concerns may be due to academic performance, health/psychological issues, or behavioral issues.
Report a concern to the Student Care Team

University Threat Assessment Team

The University Threat Assessment Team (TAT) meets as needed in emerging situations and handles referrals based on emerging or immediate threats.  These referrals may be for students, employees, or even individuals outside the Marymount community.  Read more about the University Threat Assessment Team.

University Emergency Response Team

The Emergency Response Team meets as needed in response to an active or recent crisis that impacts the campus community directly.  This might include weather emergencies, regional or local threats, pandemic outbreaks, national or international emergencies, etc.  Read more about the Emergency Response Team.

Bias Incident Response Team

The Bias Incident Response Team evaluates, investigates, and remediates bias-related violations of the Marymount University Community Code of Conduct. Read more about the University Bias Incident Response Team.