Our Local Community

At Marymount University we pride ourselves on being connected to our local community here in Arlington, VA. Check out below some of the ways that we help our interns get connected to the Arlington and greater DC area during their time here at Marymount!


Marymount University Shuttles

While staying at Marymount, our interns have the ability to use our Marymount University shuttle service free of charge! These buses will pick you up from just outside of Ostapenko Hall and take you to the Ballston Metro Station, as well as our downtown Ballston academic location. Running a 40 minute loop between these locations, our shuttles help our interns here on campus have a free way to reach their internship locations without needing a car. And don’t worry! They run on the weekends as well as you explore Arlington and DC.

Check out the Shuttle Information from that can help give you a better idea about this awesome service!

The Metro

Marymount University is well connected to the DC Metro, which helps open so many destinations to our interns during their time here at Marymount. Our campus is closest to the Ballston/MU metro stop on the Orange and Silver lines. Yes, that stop is named after us for a reason!

Our Local Community

In conjunction with our Marymount shuttle service, the Metro assists many of our interns in getting to and from their internship locations. Trying to learn more about how to use the metro, or plan out what your commute might look like? Check out the Metro’s website here and use their trip planner with the Ballston/MU stop to get a better idea on this great public transportation resource.