Institutional Information

About Marymount University

  • Name: Marymount University
  • Mailing Address: Attn: Office of Sponsored Programs Administration Building, Chapel Hill Wing, #2011; Marymount University; 2807 North Glebe Road, Arlington, Virginia, 22207-4299
  • A short description: About Marymount University
  • President/CEO/Executive Director: Dr. Irma Becerra;; (703) 284-1598
  • Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) for Sponsored Programs – University Signing Official (SO): Dr. Rita Wong, Associate Vice-President for Research;; (703) 284-5982
  • Administrative Official – Sponsored Programs (AO) – oversees pre-and post-award research administration functions: Janine K. Burgess, MPA, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs;; 703-908-7644
  • Fiscal Officer (FO) as a financial certifying official for sponsored programs: 
    • Robin Whitfield, Associate Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer,; (703) 526-6941, or
    • Barry Harte, Vice-President, Finance and Operations, & Treasurer;; (703) 284-1480
  • Fiscal official for overseeing post-award sponsored program financials: Kyle Edgerton, Senior Accountant, Office of Financial Services.; (703)-284-6547
  • County: Arlington
  • Congressional District: 8th
  • Type of organization: non-profit, private institution of higher education
  • Incorporated in: Virginia
  • Date of incorporation: 1950
  • Number of full- and part-time employees: 2022 Total: 1276, (Source: Human Resources direct data)
  • Operating budget or Business per annum: $98,143,855 FY 2022 (Source: University Comptroller)
  • Fiscal Year: 06/30 end

Codes, Downloads, & Links

  • TIN/EIN: 540573801
  • DUNS Number: 040554214
  • SAM Unique Entity ID (UEI):  FPZ9KW2KCUF7
  • Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code: 3Y414
  • NAICS Association Code: 611310, Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools
  • Federal School Code (also known as FICE#): 003724
  • IPF Code (PHS): 378301
  • IRS Determination Letter for Tax-Exempt Status: See myMarymount (portal) page for Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Virginia Tax Exemption of Sales Tax Letter: See myMarymount (portal) page for Office of Sponsored Programs
  • University W-9: Request from University Controller, Robin Whitfield
  • System for Award Management (SAM): Expiration Date: 02/15/2025
  • Current University Single Audit (A-133): Document
  • Current University IRS 990 (tax return): Document
  • Consolidated Financial Report- Audited: FY2022: Document
  • Research Misconduct Manual: Document

Assurance and Compliance Confirmations

  • Human Subjects Protection Assurance #- Organization: IORG0003273 (Expires: 10/17/2025)
  • Federal Wide Assurance #: 00019383 (Expires: 10/02/2024)
  • Office of Research Integrity (ORI) Certification Expiration: 04/20/2024

Indirect Cost (F&A) Rate Agreement (Federal Awards)

Cognizant Agency on behalf of the Federal Government:
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
Arif Karim, Director – Cost Allocation Services
HHS Representative: Olulola Oluborode – (214) 767-3261
Date: 12/22/2020

  • Rate Agreement beginning 07/01/2017 and negotiated with DHHS, Dated 12/22/2020 (expires 06/30/2025)Document
    • Current Rate = 50.00% – On Campus  (expires 06/30/2025)
    • Current Rate = 17.80% – Off-Campus  (expires 06/30/2025)
  • Rate Agreement for any grant awarded between 07/01/2015 and 06/30/2021, that is still active, and negotiated with DHHS, Dated 03/07/2017 (expires 06/30/2021): Document

 Employee Fringe Benefits

  • Summer Faculty Stipends =10% of faculty pay for required MU contributions to Social Security and Medicare
  • Academic Year faculty pay = 25.7% (2023) of faculty/staff pay for full fringe, but note on Personnel Action Forms if health insurance is taken to determine if MU is required to contribute toward that in the sponsored program
  • NOTE: Fringe benefit rates is 8% for student stipends