Pre-Award Management


The Pre-Award stage refers to the period when you are seeking for grant opportunities and writing a proposal to a Sponsor for external funding. OSP offers the following services for faculty and staff during this stage:

  • OSP reviews a variety of sources for information on grant and fellowship opportunities and shares these opportunities with faculty members.
  • OSP provides consultation and assistance throughout the project design and proposal preparation phases.
  • OSP coordinates and consults on the design of campus-wide, multidisciplinary, and/or inter-institutional projects.
  • OSP will work with the Principal Investigator  to develop budgets and budget justifications, complete required budget forms, and assurances where needed.
  • OSP provides current information on University policies and procedures related to sponsored programs, such as direct & indirect costs, cost sharing, intellectual property, etc.
  • OSP provides assistance in securing the necessary internal approvals for sponsored program proposals.
  • OSP in collaboration with the Principal Investigator, submits sponsored project’s proposals for the University.