Pre-Award Roles and Responsibilities

Pre-Award Roles and
Primary Responsibility Other Collaborator(s) Final Approval(s)
Provide guidance and resources for grants proposal development OSP
Provide guidance to PIs regarding specific grant announcements (i.e. eligibility requirements, restrictions, etc.) OSP
Complete and submit “Request for University Support to Pursue External Funding” PI Submit to Dean/Division Head and then to OSP OSP typically; VP, Financial Affairs if significant matching funds or limitations related to indirect costs
Confirm (or agree to modifications of ) the timeline for submission of proposal documents outlined in the “Request for University Support to Pursue External Funding Form” OSP Input from PI OSP
Identify a lead person for each section of an application (i.e. narrative, bio sketches, facilities, data management, technical assurances, etc.) PI OSP for technical assurances
Complete body of the proposal PI Co-Investigators; Collaborators
Review PI-prepared proposal to ensure consistency with the sponsor’s requirements and guidelines OSP Consult with AOR, as appropriate; other subject matter experts
Prepare complete proposal for submission to the sponsor PI OSP is available for consultation, as applicable
Obtain official university statistics about the characteristics of Marymount University’s students and faculty, as needed to support the development of a grant PI OSP assists PI where appropriate; PIE Office for University data
Secure approval for needed course release time, as proposed in the project’s budget PI Consult with OSP for personnel budget requirements Dean/Division Head
Prepare grant budget based on the specific resources and needs of the proposed project OSP In consultation with PI AOR
Confirm level(s) of Administrative approval required and submit for review prior to submitting to sponsor, as indicated OSP AOR
Submit approved proposals for funding to the sponsor PI OSP may upload documents prepared by PI AOR confirms accuracy and submits on behalf of the university
Maintain funding agency’s online user accounts OSP AOR
Provide or obtain institutional certification letters and/or assurances as required by the funding agency OSP AOR
Coordinate preparation, review, and approval of the University’s “Letters of Commitment,” if required by a funding agency or lead institution (if MU is a sub-recipient) OSP PI on the award; OGCC
Prepare, review, and approve sub-award agreements and related materials OSP OGCC        AOR/VP,                  Financial Affairs
Serve as the primary liaison to manage the administration of the sub-award agreement with the lead organization OSP
Assure compliance with federal and non-financial guidelines and regulatory requirements          OSP     PI AOR
Review and accept the “Notice of Award” on behalf of the university OSP PI/OGCC AOR