Administrative Assessment

Administrative Assessment

Administrative assessment is the systematic examination of a unit or division’s effectiveness in achieving its mission. Marymount University engages in ongoing, integrated, and institution-wide research-based planning and evaluation processes that result in continuous improvement in institutional quality and demonstrate that we are effectively accomplishing our teaching, research, and service mission. Administrative assessment is one of Marymount’s three formal evaluation and assessment mechanisms.

Student learning outcomes assessment, program review, and administrative assessment provide a comprehensive understanding of the University’s effectiveness by reviewing, analyzing, and improving the entire educational experience.  Administrative assessment focuses on the administrative, academic support, and community engagement services provided by the University.

The goals of the assessment process are to identify strengths and weaknesses in the functioning of divisions and units and the services they provide and use that information to improve effectiveness and the Marymount experience for students and others.

Assessment can benefit administrators and staff by:

  • Helping to clarify the mission of a division or unit and its role in achieving the university’s mission, and identifying the key activities that need to occur to achieve the division’s mission and goals.
  • Providing coherence and direction to the division or unit’s work.
  • Providing staff with clear expectations that help them understand how their supervisors will evaluate their work.
  • Providing administrators and staff with better information about how their services are viewed by their “customers” and what areas need improvement.
  • Helping administrators make informed, evidence-based decisions about resource allocation, the need to re-consider, improve, or expand services, and more.
  • Ensuring that resources are being allocated in the most effective way possible – where they’ll have the greatest impact on helping the university achieve its mission.

Administrative assessment results at Marymount are reported at the divisional level; however, most divisions require assessment reports from their units as input into that annual report. Marymount’s divisions are required to submit annual reports on the results of their assessment of administrative outcomes and the ways in which they have used those results to identify strategies for continuous improvement. These reports are evaluated by the University Assessment Committee, which provides feedback to programs on the effectiveness of their assessment processes and ways in which those processes might be strengthened.

Important Dates

July-May Units and divisions collect data on their effectiveness as they administer their programs and services.
June 30 Unit-level assessment reports on prior year are due, submitted to the divisional assessment coordinator or VP.
July 31 Divisional-level assessment reports on prior year are due, submitted to the Director of Institutional Assessment..
September-October University Assessment Committee (UAC) reviews assessment reports. Units and divisions start planning annual assessment.
November UAC sends feedback to divisions, reports to VPs and President, divisions make revisions to reports and current-year plans  as needed.


Administrative Assessment Reports
Marymount’s divisions submit annual assessment reports. This page provides links to  past divisional and unit assessment reports.

Guides, Templates, and Other Resources
This link will take you to Marymount’s Assessment Handbook, reporting templates, and other resources to help you plan and implement an effective and useful assessment process.