The Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) administers surveys to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni to collect information about student experiences and educational outcomes, campus climate, the quality of our services, and our effectiveness in achieving our mission.

Marymount regularly participates in national surveys that allow us to benchmark responses against comparison groups. We also administer surveys developed in-house to collect information about issues and experiences not addressed in national surveys that are of interest to Marymount. Surveys results and in-depth analysis of the data are shared regularly with the university and are used for assessment and decision-making throughout the campus. (View the Statement on Confidential Data & Information.)

Summary reports of many of these surveys are available here.

PIE staff is also available to assist Marymount faculty and staff with survey development and reporting. Before launching a survey, faculty and staff should consult with PIE to discuss the survey development process, obtain any necessary approvals, and review data that may already be available.

PIE provides assistance to faculty and staff conducting survey research by:

  • Working with faculty and staff through the approval process
  • Providing guidance on questionnaire design, sampling, and other methodological issues
  • Creating and reporting results for online surveys using the University web-based surveying system
  • Assisting with data analysis and interpretation
  • Approving emails for distribution through Marymount’s mass mail system

Because of the accessibility of online survey tools and because campus groups are eager to collect information about their constituents and the quality of their programs and services, there is the potential for survey overlap and survey fatigue, which reduces response rates for all surveys. For this reason, only surveys that are for the purpose of administrative or institutional improvement will be approved for electronic mass distribution to the university community. PIE acts as a clearinghouse to approve surveys that are being administered electronically to:

  • All faculty, staff, or students OR
  • At least 250 students, 50 faculty, or 50 staff members

Surveys for research purposes only and student research projects will not be distributed using the University’s mass mail outlets.

Additional Resources


University Survey Calendar
Electronic Mass Distribution Survey Policy
Survey Approval Form

Some surveys may be subject to review by Marymount’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). Survey authors are required to obtain IRB approval, if necessary, separately.