9 college majors for students unsure of their future career

9 college majors for students unsure of their future career


Deciding your career path as a teenager can seem pretty daunting. What if you don’t know exactly what you want to do right now? Maybe you have a vague idea of an area you want to work in, but you aren’t sure about the specifics?

That’s where we come in. The team at Marymount University found these several college majors, which contain subject matter that has the versatility needed to apply and succeed in a variety of careers and industries!


1. Business Administration

Do you think you want to work in the field of business one day, but aren’t sure about what you want to specialize in? A business administration degree is perfect if you are undecided because it gives you a solid yet diverse foundation in many different areas of business.

Learn the basics of accounting, law, economics, marketing and more with a B.B.A. in Business Administration!

2. Information Technology

In today’s ever-evolving technological age, the need for savvy, experienced information technology professionals has never been greater. This degree is also a versatile one — one that can be used in a variety of industries and around the world.

Learn more about Marymount University’s Information Technology bachelor’s degree here!

3. Literature & Languages

The days where all English majors went on to become teachers are far behind us. Employers realized that the critical thinking, writing, communication and effective research skills learned in this major can be a critical asset to their company.

Every industry needs writers, thinkers and researchers, and a B.A. in Literature & Languages can help you get a job in a wide range of markets such as journalism, marketing, politics and more.

4. Sociology

With a degree in Sociology, you’ll have a basic understanding of how society works and the causes and effects of common human experiences and issues. This can be applied to many different jobs and industries — from crime and drug rehabilitation to human resources, public relations and recruitment.

These areas of business are in dire need of empathetic thinkers and people who can understand why individuals choose certain actions, so if you’re concerned with social justice, consider pursuing an undergraduate Sociology degree!

5. Communications

Communication majors tend to be empathetic and have a knack for connecting with others. With a degree in Communication, you’ll learn a variety of transferable skills that many industries find value in — like how to write clearly and succinctly, how to enhance your oral communication skills and how to critically research and analyze media texts.

Work in sales, public relations, media and many other areas with a versatile B.A. in Communication!

6. Psychology

Employers recognize the value a Psychology degree holder can bring to their company because of the many impressive skills learned within the major — like scientific reasoning, oral and written communication and critical thinking.

Enter a variety of fields such as advertising, health care administration, law, counseling, forensic & legal psychology or even athletic training with a B.A. in Psychology!  

7. Economics

With a high-demand degree like Economics, graduates are prepared for careers in the government, counseling and business. Obtaining an undergraduate degree in Economics will allow you to understand a diverse range of issues such as business operations, law, international trade and much more.

Some graduates of Marymount’s B.A. of Economics program have gone on to become market research analysts, business journalists and financial managers, but there are many more career paths available! MU now also offers a B.S. of Economics degree, too — click here for more details.

8. Biology

Understand the basic building blocks of the world around you when you major in Biology!

An undergraduate Biology degree can be a great gateway into higher education and/or a stimulating scientific career. A Biology degree sets the foundation for graduate study in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science — but if medicine isn’t your thing, Biology majors have also become teachers, specialists at museums and zoos and research laboratory assistants! 

9. Politics

If you’re interested in government and public policy but aren’t sure what that means for your future career, you should consider getting a degree in Politics from a school right in Washington, D.C.’s backyard! 

With a B.A. in Politics, you’ll learn valuable research and analytic skills that will allow you to pursue a career in anything from intelligence analysis to law.


With these degrees and college majors in mind, you can take your pick of a wide variety of professions in many different industries. Smart employers value the skills you learned in college and are interested in hiring individuals who can apply the knowledge they gained in school to their new jobs!

Explore our interactive resource — Your Guide to Pursuing a Bachelor’s in Sociology — for an in-depth look at the field and at Marymount University’s key college majors through our Sociology program!

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