3 New Year’s resolutions for high school seniors in 2022

Resolutions for high school seniors


A new year, a new you! It’s a cliché we’ve all heard before, but it’s true if you’re graduating in 2022 — life as you know it is about to change. In a few months, high school will become a memory as you embark on the exciting new journey into higher education. A new school, new friends, new classes. You’re probably feeling nervous, excited, anxious…and did I say nervous?

At Marymount, we know that conquering the college admissions process can be daunting for prospective college students and parents alike. Whether you’ve already been accepted into the college of your choice or you’re still waiting until the spring for those decisions to arrive, now is the time to make the most of 2022 and start on a few resolutions that’ll help you with the inevitable changes coming your way. Here’s three New Year’s resolutions to get you started!

1. Keep up the good grades — even after you’ve been accepted to college.

Graduation is around the corner and the finish line is in sight. You may be tempted to take it easy these last few months as you coast towards that high school degree. I hate to break it to you, but it’s very important to maintain or improve your GPA in those final months of school. Colleges and universities will request your completed high school transcript even after they’ve sent you the acceptance letter. So, don’t show that you’ve slacked off just because you’ve been accepted to your top college or think you have the grades and scores to be a shoo-in.

If you’re struggling in the final semester of high school, you can speak with your teachers and ask if they can provide any additional work for extra credit to help boost your grade in a class. Many will value your initiative and your aim to increase your comprehension, and may just give you an assignment that’ll get you the grade you need.

2. Use your summer vacation to better prepare for college.

Ah, summer. It’s a time to sleep in, hang out with friends and waste the days away on a three month vacation, right? Wrong. Of course, you should take time to recharge your batteries, but you should also think about how to use this summer to your advantage and prepare for college.

You probably have at least an idea about what you’d like to major in when you get to college. So, why not find a job or volunteer opportunity that complements your future field of study? Even if it’s just a few hours per week or loosely related to your field, you’ll get real-world experience that’ll help you see whether this is the right future for you. If you want to be a teacher, see if you can work at any summer camps for kids. If you want to go into medicine, call the office manager of a nearby doctor and find out if you can help with answering phones. If you want to work in historic preservation, call the local historic society or museum and see if they could use an extra hand. Talk to your guidance counselor or favorite teacher to brainstorm ideas — you may be surprised by the opportunities that pop up for those who take the initiative!

3. Cherish time with friends and family before making the academic transition to undergrad.

Whether you’re staying close by for college or moving halfway across the country, you still won’t have as much time with family and high school friends this fall. Your world will widen with interesting classes, new friends and activities that may push you outside your comfort zone. And that’s a good thing!

But before that happens, make the most of these next few months with your friends and family now. You’ll be busy once college starts, and your family and friends will miss you while you’re gone! Enjoy those family dinners (no matter how good your school’s cafeteria is, nothing beats home-cooked meals) and evenings spent with friends talking about where life is about to take you. It’ll mean a lot to your friends and family and will give you some good memories to take with you as you adjust to life as a freshman in college.

No matter what, 2022 is going to be a year filled with new possibilities and exciting changes. Write down your New Year’s resolutions and document your progress throughout the year. You’ll be amazed by what you’ve learned from your resolutions and how you’ve grown in 2022. And if you need a little extra guidance on navigating what’s ahead, don’t hesitate to talk to a parent or a school counselor you trust.

Happy New Year!