Arlington Magazine: The Year Ahead: Voices from Arlington

Arlington Magazine: The Year Ahead: Voices from Arlington

Photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

The past two years have been riddled with monumental challenges, from a global pandemic, to the ongoing fight for racial justice, to an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. So, we recognize that adopting a positive outlook toward 2022 is no easy task.

And yet, we’re surrounded by individuals—small business owners, a musician, an ER doctor—who make regular contributions toward the betterment of society, and manage to remain optimistic.

We connected with 11 notable members of the local community and asked how they plan to approach 2022. Here’s what they said.

Interviews were conducted via email and have been edited for clarity.

Irma Becerra | President, Marymount University

For nearly four years, Becerra has led Marymount University, a private Catholic university with three Arlington campuses. When we spoke to her in 2018, she characterized the university’s relationship with the local community as a “commitment to service,” and noted that many of the school’s graduates remain in the area.

“As we head into 2022, I am focused on continuing to lead Marymount successfully through the pandemic in spite of the new Omicron variant, and keeping our students and employees safe, while still delivering the personalized, high-quality Marymount education that we are known for,” Becerra says. “These difficult times have shown us the importance of being grateful and positive even as we continue to navigate many challenges.

“My personal resolution for 2022 is to continue to share leadership lessons through my own life story and inspire others. I also want to continue to focus on all of my blessings, my health and my family and friends, and to make time to enjoy them!”

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