Graduate Student Workers (GSW)

Graduate students at Marymount have an opportunity to work during the academic year as Graduate Student Workers. These GSW positions are hourly positions that typically support the administrative work of a variety of offices across campus. GSWs will work under the direct supervision of a faculty or staff member with the majority of their work not being directly student facing but more in support of the administration of the university.

Estimated hours: between 8-20 hours per week for 15 weeks, depending on the need of the department. This information will be available on the application form and can be clarified during the interview process.

Pay Range: $18 – $20 per hour


Major Duties and Responsibilities

Specific activities and responsibilities for a GSWs will vary depending on the individual department/division that the GSW is hired in. Typical activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provide administrative support for office and staff – answering phones, developing communication plans, interfacing with other departments
  • Assist with day-to-day operations and logistics of that specific department
  • Assist with special projects and events associated with that department/division
  • Other tasks as assigned

The specifics of each GSW position will be clearly identified in the job posting for the position. Positions are competitively filled following interview.