Assistantships and Employment

The Graduate Assistant (GA) program

Approximately 85 graduate assistantship (GA) positions are offered annually across all three Colleges and a number of University divisions.


Categories of Graduate Assistant Positions

  1. Graduate Teaching Assistants: these positions support classroom and/or lab based activities. GTAs work directly under the mentorship of a faculty member  but may teach a class/section independently after a successful semester as a GTA mentee.
    1. Graduate Academic Coaches: these GTA positions work directly with students, typically in a one-on-one or small group situation. Graduate Academic Coaches support students through activities such as tutoring, academic advising, supporting students with accessibility requirements, or in supporting international students.
    2. Graduate Athletic Coaches: these GTA positions work directly with an athletic coach to support the needs of a specific sports team. The Graduate Athletic Coach assists in all aspects of the athletic requirements for the team, but will also support the academic studies of the players on that team.
  2. Graduate Research Assistants: these positions work directly with a faculty member on a variety of aspects of ongoing research. Each GRA position will differ depending on the faculty member’s research agenda, the project that is being supported and the nature of that research.


Work expectations and tuition remission

All GA positions are paid through tuition remission. The amount of tuition remission received will be dependent on the number of hours required for the position and will vary across positions.

  • 1/3 GAs provide 105 hours of GA service each semester and receive a waiver of 3 graduate credits.
  • 2/3 GAs provide 210 hours of GA service each semester and receive a waiver of 6 graduate credits.
  • 3/3 GAs provide 300 hours of GA service each semester and receive a waiver of 9 graduate credits.

(*DPT students are on a flat rate tuition remission and not a ‘per credit’ rate.)


Work Schedule of Graduate Assistants

Each semester, students are expected to work the requisite number of hours associated with their GA category as identified above. The GA and their supervisor should clarify the work schedule at the beginning of the assistantship. Generally, students are not expected to work when they are on a semester break or on a university holiday. However, GAs ARE expected to provide the requisite number of hours of work each semester. Describing the work commitment of each GA category in terms of a certain number of hours each week is intended to provide a general sense of the weekly time commitment, not to dictate a specific and rigid weekly schedule.

Marymount University is an AA/EEO employer. The University has approximately 90 GA positions. Students apply for a GA position through the Marymount Jobs site. Positions are typically posted between April and August. Most postings are visible for several weeks leading up to the start of a new semester.