SI Schedule

Students are polled the first week of classes to select meeting times for their class’s SI sessions.

Classes supported with SI for Spring 2024:

Class Supported SI Leader Faculty Partner
BIO 162 Sophia Mayer Dr. Rimkus
CHM 152 Clarice Garcia Dr. Gumruk
CHM 152 Sydney McInturff Dr. Jaber
CHM 222 Adaly Asencio Veza Dr. Jaber
IT 120 Anna Enwright Dr. Hall
MA 129 Samir Rahman Dr. Petillo
MA 132 Eshan Degamwar Dr. Lenz
MA 181 Camila Griggs Dr. O’Donnol
PH 100 Jude Sriwardene Dr. Kovach
TRS 100 Mia Clevano Dr. Doyle


Classes supported with SI during Fall 2023: BIO 161, BIO 162, CHM 151, CHM 221, EN 101/100, MA 132, MA 171, MA 181, TRS 100

Classes supported with SI during Summer 2023: EN 101, SEM 100