Faculty & SI

What should I expect from an SI Leader in my class?

SI Leaders should SI Leaders should NOT
  • Introduce themselves and remind students of study sessions
  • Facilitate at least two sessions per week
  • Communicate with you, share plans, listen to suggestions
  • Teach
  • Grade
  • Be a TA

How can faculty support SI?

  • Encourage all students to attend SI sessions, regardless of performance
  • Recommend great students to be future SI Leaders
  • Add a description of SI in the course syllabus and include the SI Leader’s name and session days/time/location:
    • Suggested syllabus statement: Supplemental Instruction (SI) is offered for this course and provides you with the opportunity to attend structured study sessions every week. SI sessions are facilitated by a student who has previously taken and excelled in this course. Your SI leader will facilitate discussions and activities that encourage you to practice, discuss, and ask questions about the most recent lecture material.

How does SI help faculty?

  • SI Leaders can provide faculty with feedback about difficult course content
  • SI Leaders can bridge interactions between faculty and students
  • SI Leaders serve as model students in activities
  • Students will study more deliberately and improve content understanding
  • More students will succeed
  • Faculty can mentor an awesome student

How does SI help Marymount?

  • Lowers D, F, & W rates
  • Increases the sense of academic community
  • Provides academic support
  • Leads to higher student retention

Why was my class selected?

SI targets historically difficult courses – those with high rates of Ds, Fs, and Withdrawals. We concentrate on courses with mostly freshmen and sophomores. While we look at grades within our university, our supported courses tend to match those of other colleges and universities nationwide.

Where can I learn more about Supplemental Instruction?

The International Center for SI, University of Missouri, Kansas City: www.umkc.edu/si

Should faculty attend SI sessions?

No, generally faculty do not attend SI sessions.