IT Services for Students

Getting Started

Welcome to Marymount University! Please follow these steps to get up and running:

Step 1: Activate your Student Accounts (including E-Mail)

Activate your student account at the Student Account Generator. You must do this before anything else will work. If it tells you there’s a hold on your account, please contact the Registrar at (703) 284-1520.

IT Support Services is available to answer questions or assist in activating your account at (703) 526-6990, by email, and in  the Lower Level of the Reinsch Library, in the SW corner of the building nearest Berg Hall.

Step 2: Get Familiar with our Marymount Portal Website

Now you can log into My Marymount, which is the portal for e-mail, calendar, and Canvas access. Go through links and pages, you will find useful information for student in our portal website.

Step 3: Set Up Your Telephone and Voice Mail

If you’re a resident student, go to the Telephone Services to set up your telephone and voice mail in your dorm rooms

Step 4: Set Up Your Computer Hardware/Software/Internet

Computer Purchases

Please check page Technology Purchase for information on suggested types of computers to purchase and special pricing avaliable for student.

Internet Access

For instructions on how to connect your computer to the MU wifi network, go to My Marymount,. Under IT Support Services Tab on the left, click on My Wireless Devices, you can registered up to 3 devices.

If you want to connect to the Internet without register, connected to the network called “muwireless”, open your browser, then use your MU ID and password to log in. Wireless access is available in dorm rooms and most buildings on campus.

Can’t Log in?

If you ever have trouble logging in, try resetting your password by clicking Forgot  Password? on My Marymount.