IRB Member Information

Who are the IRB Members?

The overall composition of the IRB committee is consistent with the federal guidelines for Protection of Human Subjects (45 CFR 46). These federal guidelines emphasize the need for committee diversity in terms of professional background and perspective, including at least one individual whose primary concern is “nonscientific” and one person who has no other affiliation with the University. Marymount’s IRB Committee meets these guidelines. The IRB Committee reports to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.

2021-2022 IRB Committee Membership

Academic Affairs:
Ms. Pothur- IRB Coordinator- voting member
Rita Wong- Provost representative providing administrative oversight. Non-member
Diane Murphy- IRB Committee Chair

College of Health and Education:
Judith Rogers-Fruiterman – nursing AY24)-
Cathy Elrod- Physical Therapy (AY24)
Samantha Knox- Counseling (AY24)

College of Sciences and Humanities:
Jo-Ann Amadeo- psychology- (AY23)
Kim Meltzer- communication- (AY24)
Janine Dewitt- Sociology- (AY24)

College of Business, Innovation, Leadership and Technology:
Carly Speranza- Business and leadership (AY23)
Moira Denson- Interior design (AY22)
Diane Murphy- Technology and Cybersecurity- (AY24)
Alvaro Cintos Canto- (AY24)

Community Member:
Linda Reck- Voting member