3Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) is a subscription service providing research ethics education to all members of the research community. CITI provides a range of online training courses to fulfill various educational compliance needs. See the attached file for a summary of required or recommended courses for each CITI learner groups:
  • Investigator engaging in human subject research
  • Instructor leading a classroom research project involving human subjects
  • Student as investigator in a classroom research project
  • Investigator on federally funded research project

Human Subject Research


All Marymount faculty, staff, and students who conduct research with human subjects must complete CITI training every three years in the applicable area of study. Completion of training will be confirmed before IRB approval is granted. See the “Is It Research?” page for the federal definition of research that falls under IRB purview.

Human Subjects Research Training: Faculty, Staff, or Students who serve in the role of investigator or co-investigator in a research project involving Human Subjects
  • Biomedical: Research focused on human physiology and the treatment and understanding of disease.
  • Social & behavioral science: Research focused on human behavior and social interaction.

Classroom Projects


All course instructors supervising Classroom Projects must complete applicable CITI training (Social and Behavioral or Biomedical) every three years.

All students engaged in Classroom research projects involving human subjects must complete the CITI Student Basic IRB course.

Research Ethics


All faculty, staff, and students working on federally funded projects (regardless of human subject involvement) must complete CITI Responsible Conduct of Research training and Conflict of Interest training.

Institutional Review Board Member Training


All members of Marymount’s IRB committee MUST successfully complete the IRB committee member modules, as well as both the CITI Social and Behavioral Sciences Course and the Biomedical course prior to serving as an IRB proposal reviewer. This training is essential to serving on the IRB.

Setting up and Logging into a CITI account:


The CITI course is a protected site. If you are a new learner you must register by creating your own username and password. To begin, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select Register/login and proceed to complete registration as follows:
Be sure to use your Marymount email address to register your CITI account. That is required to link your completed training courses to MU.

  • Part 1 asks you to select your “Organization Affiliation”– select “Marymount University.” This is required to assure you take the MU-required courses.
  • Part 2 asks for your personal information.
  • Part 3 asks you to create a user name, password, and a security question.
  • Part 4 asks for your country of residence.
  • Part 5 asks you a series of questions, which you can answer any way you wish.
  • Part 6 asks you for information that Marymount requests.
  • Part 7 asks you to select the type of course you wish to complete. For IRB purposes, you should choose “Human Subjects Research. For external funding compliance or instructor-specified learning module purposes, Choose “Research Ethics”.
  • Submit registration by clicking Next.

Step 2: Choose the applicable CITI curriculum from the CITI course options.  If you do not see the option, scroll to the bottom and click “Add a course”.Step 3: For each course, complete all required modules. Review the list of additional ‘optional’ modules. Complete any additional module directly applicable to your research e.g., international research, research with children, or records-based research.  If your research protocol or plan involves any of the vulnerable populations, topics or groups mentioned in the supplemental modules, that module applies to you.The minimum cumulative passing score for each module is 80 percent. In the event this score is not achieved, you will be asked to repeat the module. From the Main Menu you may change your learner group to take a different basic course.

The IRB will be notified via email when you have completed a basic course in CITI and CITI certificates should upload to the Mentor system nightly. This will be valid for three years, at which point you will need to complete a refresher course. You will receive an email notification via Mentor four weeks prior to the expiration date.