Classroom Projects

The designation of Classroom Project is used for course activities in which students conduct a systematic investigation involving human subjects for instructional purposes only. Classroom Projects are distinguished from federally defined research projects by the fact that the projects are not designed to develop or to contribute to generalizable knowledge and are not intended to be shared beyond the instructional setting of Marymount University. Their purpose is instructional only. As such, classroom projects do NOT fall under the purview of the IRB.

However, there is University oversight for classroom project research. The Marymount Office of Research, in collaboration with the IRB committee, establishes and oversees enforcement of University Policies governing the protection of human subjects for Classroom Research Projects.

In situations where the classroom research project involves Human Subjects, the faculty instructor is responsible for project oversight, assuring students are adequately trained, and that activities are within the scope of ethical conduct. All classroom projects must adhere to the requirements described below.

  • The faculty member supervising the classroom project MUST have up-to-date CITI certification in Social and Behavioral Science.
  • For each course a faculty member teaches that includes a classroom research project involving human subjects, the faculty member MUST review and sign a separate Faculty Assurance Form prior to beginning the classroom project. A copy of the Faculty Assurance form is provided at this link for
    your review. The Faculty Assurance signature page is located on the Mentor site, Assurance Form tab. Each form is valid for 12 months from date of receipt.
  • Each student participating in the classroom project MUST complete the CITI Basic Student Course. The faculty supervisor is responsible for assuring that each student, prior to engaging with human subjects, completes this training and is familiar with the restrictions and exclusions of the classroom project.
  • Faculty and students must agree that they will NOT share the human subject data beyond the classroom setting or Marymount Student Research Conference. Classroom projects may NOT be shared with the community external to Marymount in any format.
  • Faculty agree that the classroom projects excludes the following:
    • Excludes questions or interviews procedures where the risk level to the subject is more than minimal (more than would be encountered in routine daily activities)
    • Excludes interactions with vulnerable populations (prisoners, pregnant women, children, individuals with decreased capacity to provide informed consent).
    • Excludes international sites.
    • Excludes sensitive personal data inquiries. Information that may cause harm, legal jeopardy, or reputational damage to the subject if disclosed (health, grades, mental status, substance abuse, personal finances, genetic information etc.).