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Lectureship in Malek School of Health Professions,

“After getting my R.N. and M.S.N. at the University of British Columbia, I practiced as an advanced surgical nurse in Vancouver and then in a one-nurse hospital in a remote Canadian village. I found my passion for teaching in an Ethiopian clinic where I discovered educating local health practitioners had greater long-term benefit than delivering care personally. When I moved to D.C., Marymount opened doors for me by giving me an opportunity as adjunct faculty. When MU developed their D.N.P. program, they once again opened doors to earn my doctorate, which would afford me more career options. When I finish, I will have 1,000 hours in clinical practice, 500 in a research project with a D.C. area hospital. I am excited about the many networking opportunities MU faculty can offer with their relationships with so many respected health institutions and agencies. Helping shape health care policy would be a natural evolution of my work as a health professional educator because it can impact an even greater population.”