Gain the foundation for rewarding careers in health and wellness with a B.S. in Health Sciences

Are you searching for an interdisciplinary major leading to career paths or advanced study in disease prevention, health and wellness, or rehabilitation sciences? If you are, the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Marymount University can get you there. With our undergraduate degree in Health Sciences, you’ll be ready for jobs in public health, health promotion, health and fitness assessment, or health care leadership. We’ll prepare you for the accreditation, certification, or the further education you’ll need for wellness coaching, exercise programming, and athletic training at commercial, community, and corporate health centers.

Marymount’s Health Sciences bachelor’s program consists of a rigorous curriculum in biology, human anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, health psychology, stress management, nutrition, and much more.

You can choose from 4 career paths within the Health Sciences B.S. major:

  • Exercise Science, Strength, and Conditioning  

Our nationally accredited (CAAHEPExercise Science, Strength, and Conditioning program provides students with a theoretical understanding of the anatomical, neuromuscular, physiological, and psychological responses and adaptations to exercise. Students are eligible to sit for national credentialing by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

  • Pre-Physical Therapy  

For those interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in physical therapy, this 4-year emphasis includes a curriculum in biology, physical sciences, and other coursework to be eligible to apply for doctoral programs, and is accredited by CAAHEP.

  • Pre-Professional 

This program, also accredited by CAAHEP, is for those interested in pursuing advanced study in a health science-related professional field, such as a master’s degree in occupational therapy (OT), athletic training (AT), or a doctorate in chiropractic medicine (DCM).

  • Public Health 

This specialization is based on CEPH and NCHEC recommendations for students interested in a career or graduate study in public health.

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