Public Health Minor

The interdisciplinary minor is premised on the understanding that public health issues are a critical component of good citizenship, necessary for building healthy societies.

Admission Requirement: This minor is open to students in good academic standing.

Minimum Grade Requirements: Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in HPR 215 and HPR 240  and permission of the instructor in order to register for HPR 390.

Minor Requirements

This minor requires a total of 27 credits

HPR 215 Introduction to Public Health 3
HPR 240 Principles of Epidemiology 3
HPR 308 Global Health and Culture 3
HPR 330 Designing Public Health Programs 3
HPR 430 Public health Capstone 3
One of the following:    
MA 132 Statistical Analysis 3
DATA 300 Advanced Business Statistics 3
PSY 201 Statistics for Social Sciences 3
One of the following:    
HIM 115 Medical Terminology 3
LA 250 Legal Aspects of Health Care 3
One (1) Natural Science (NS) Course See Liberal Arts Core for approved courses 3
One (1) Interdisciplinary Health-related course See Advisor for suggestions 3