Mathematics (B.S.)

At Marymount, the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics will help you discover the beauty of mathematics and how it can shape the world around us. Marymount’s Mathematics program is modern and career-focused, helping students become expert users of multiple mathematical technologies. MU students also excel when discussing real-world solutions to problems that can be solved using mathematics.

The Mathematics faculty is passionate about helping our students succeed both in school and in life. To this end, we will spend many hours with you to help you decide what you want to do after your time at Marymount. You will be introduced to a variety of industry leaders in an array of careers via our mathematics seminar, and you’ll be able to ask questions and find a mathematical career path that interests you. We would love to engage in mathematical research with you, whether you’d like to investigate how to slow the spread of a disease, examine the effects of redistricting and gerrymandering on election outcomes, explore the efficacy of various pedagogical techniques, or some problem of particular interest to you. We will introduce you to experts at other universities and in industry, and we’ll encourage you to give presentations and publish your work. We will brag about you to our alumni and friends who work as mathematicians in the local industries, and help you find an internship that is exciting for you.

MU’s faculty wants to prepare you for life after graduation – whether that means further study toward a master’s or doctoral degree, or heading straight into your chosen career. The people evaluating your entry to any of these paths are going to be highly impressed by the undergraduate research opportunities or career internship opportunities that you choose to try, as well as by your strong communication skills and well-rounded education.

If you want to teach math to students in 6th through 12th grade, you can earn full licensure in secondary education Mathematics in four years — we have a terrific education program!

Scholarship Opportunities

Please check out all opportunities at the Admissions page. Highly qualified women intending to major in mathematics are encouaged to apply for the Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship for Women in Science and Mathematics, providing full tuition and room and board. Also, be sure to check out Marymount’s Honor’s Program which will give you access to special interdisciplinary learning opportunities and an excellent scholarship.

Program Options

Mathematics (B.S.)
Mathematics Education (B.S.)