Uma Kelekar

Uma Kelekar (no photo)

Associate Professor for Health Care Management

College of Business, Innovation, Leadership and Technology, School of Business

Academic Credentials

B.A., University of Pune (India)
M.A., Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics (India)
Ph.D., George Mason University


Uma Kelekar is an Associate Professor of Healthcare Management at the School of Business of Marymount University. She teaches graduate-level courses in healthcare reimbursement, health economics, data analysis, and epidemiology.

Uma has extensive experience conducting healthcare research in the fields of public health dentistry, health economics and policy. In this research, she uses large survey data and employs innovative empirical methodologies to investigate emerging trends and patterns in healthcare services utilization across multiple vulnerable and underserved segments of the population, and the subsequent use of the EDs for preventive care across the United States. Over the years, her publications have shed light on oral health disparities evident in how people use dental services and its associated burden of care. Additionally, she has examined if dental services provided in the EDs are contributing to the ongoing opioid epidemic.

As of Fall 2021, Uma started working as a senior research fellow at Marymount University’s Center for Optimal Aging and engages in research on various topics specific to older adult mortality, falls and health promotion programs.

Uma has presented her work at various academic and practitioners’ conferences including meetings of the American Public Health Association, American Society of Health Economists, National Oral Health Conference, and Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis. She has published book chapters and articles in journals such as Health Policy and Planning, Preventive Medicine, Preventing Chronic Disease, Health Behavior and Policy Review, The Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, and Journal of American Dental Association (JADA).

She has a PhD in Public Policy from George Mason University. Her undergraduate and masters are in economics from India.

Teaching Areas

Health Care Management

Research Interests

My research pertains to the following themes: Health Economics and Policy Healthcare costs and access Local governments’ healthcare spending Health Services Research Older Adult Mortality Trends in older adult falls Association of falls with chronic conditions Public Health Dentistry Emergency Department Use and Costs Opioid Prescriptions in the ED


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