Strategic Plan “Momentum”

In the summer of 2018 Marymount University began the process of creating a new strategic plan that will guide us over the next five years. Over the course of nine months, the entire Marymount community was involved in various ways developing a dynamic strategic plan that the university proudly supports.

Marymount is a comprehensive Catholic university, guided by the traditions of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, that emphasizes intellectual curiosity, service to others, and a global perspective. A Marymount education is grounded in the liberal arts, promotes career preparation, and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. A student-centered learning community that values diversity and focuses on the education of the whole person, Marymount guides the intellectual, ethical, and spiritual development of each individual.
Marymount, a leading Catholic university, will be nationally recognized for  innovation and commitment to student success, alumni achievement, and faculty and staff excellence.
Core Values
  • Excellence – The Marymount community consistently strives for excellence in carrying out the University’s vision and mission.
  • Integrity – The Marymount community conducts all activities and interactions in an authentic, transparent, and ethical manner.
  • Professionalism– The members of the Marymount community exhibit professionalism in all their activities and interactions and maintain a sense of accountability.
  • Diversity –The Marymount community welcomes and values all individuals and recognizes diversity as a source of strength.
  • Respect –The Marymount community maintains and promotes an atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation, and civility.
  • Faith – The members of the Marymount community share a commitment to moral and spiritual growth and, consistent with the Catholic intellectual tradition, are committed to living examined, purposeful lives
  • Service – The members of the Marymount community actively seek to serve others and advance social justice.