Sister Majella Internship Fund

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Sister Magella Internship Fund. As many of you are aware, the establishment of a fund for students in unpaid internships has been a priority of mine since my arrival at Marymount. For many years, our students have been challenged financially as they completed our University’s requirement of completing an internship, many of which are unpaid.

In keeping with Sister Majella’s vision, we recently have established the Sister Majella Internship Fund Program. In the short period of time since the fund’s inception, we have been able to raise $70,000; all of it from my participation in DC’s Dancing Stars competition.

For this academic year, we will be able to assist ten undergraduate students. Recipients will receive a stipend of $2,000 to support their participation in an unpaid internship experience. The student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 to qualify for the opportunity. They must also participate at an internship that has a significant community impact.

It is my hope and goal to raise significant funds in the near future to help us assist a much larger number of students. If you are interested in donating to the Sister Magella Internship Fund, you can do so online or contact us for more information. Your support will no doubt contribute to the success of our students.

Donate Now

The application for the scholarship will open in March 2019 and we will be reaching out to current students to make sure they are aware. If you know of any student that meets the qualification, please encourage them to apply.

Scholarship Details

I have appointed an application review committee that will consist of the following:

  • Vice President for Student Affairs (Co-Chair)
  • Provost or designee (Co-Chair)
  • Faculty Council Chair or designee
  • A University Trustee
  • Staff Council Chair or designee
  • Director of Saints Center for Service

The students chosen for this award will be acknowledged with a Presidential reception and those who successfully complete their internship will be invited to attend donor events to serve as University Ambassadors.

Irma Becerra, Ph.D.