Office of General Counsel

Mission Statement: 

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) of Marymount University oversees, manages, and coordinates the legal affairs of the University and serves as the point of contact for all legal matters affecting Marymount, its colleges and departments, officers, directors, and administrators. OGC provides high-quality, efficient, and practical legal counsel while advancing the educational mission of Marymount.   OGC is led by Justin Perillo and strives to take a proactive and preventive approach in mitigating and minimizing legal risks for the University.  In serving the interests of the University, the Office pursues excellence in the quality of services provided, and maintains the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity.

OGC represents the interests of the University, and therefore, does not provide personal representation to individual faculty, students, staff, or agents, except whereas an issue arises during the course of university business or activities. Those seeking individual legal representation should contact private counsel. 

What We Do/Services Provided:

OGC counsels the University on a wide range of legal issues including, but not limited to: 

  • Advice on federal and local laws (FERPA, Title IX, etc.)
  • Contract review
  • Policy review
  • Manages litigation and related matters
  • Handling legal subpoenas and other government requests
  • General legal advice on various topics

Should you be contacted by a government official or if a government official visits the University, please direct them to the Office of General Counsel. 


About Us: 

Justin Perillo

Office of General CounselJustin Perillo is the Vice President, General Counsel, & Secretary at the University.  As Vice President and General Counsel, he is the chief legal officer of the University and represents and advises the University (including the Board, officers and employees) in all matters related to the affairs of the University.  As Secretary to the Board of Trustees, he gives notice of meetings of the Board, keeps the minutes of all meetings of the Board, distributes minutes to Trustees for their approval, and maintains the records of the Board.  

Perillo brings 20 years of experience providing strategic leadership on a broad range of issues in higher education that include intellectual property, commercial and transactional law, athletics, information systems, student matters and scientific research.  His prior experience includes serving as  American University’s Associate General Counsel since 2014, as well as, General Counsel Fellow, Staff Counsel, Senior Staff Counsel and Assistant General Counsel at the same institution during the 12 years prior. During his tenure at American, he counseled and advised senior university officials on a regular basis while playing a critical role in the development of key strategic and policy initiatives such as the transformation of policies addressing Title IX, free expression and intellectual property. He also expanded the institution’s trademark portfolio by securing trademark protection for the university’s schools, programs and centers.

Justin is an active member of NACUA. He holds J.D. and Bachelor’s degrees from American University.

Corelle Anderson 

Corelle Anderson is the Paralegal for Marymount University. As the paralegal, he assists the General Counsel with all legal matters related to the University and provides administrative management of the Office of General Counsel. He comes with over 7 years of experience in various areas of law including corporate, litigation, insurance, family, toxic tort, and legal research. Prior to joining Marymount, Corelle was a Research and Compliance Paralegal for Transamerica Life Insurance Company since 2019 where he was instrumental in insurance regulatory research and assisting in compliance adherence. 

He is an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the NAACP. He holds a Paralegal Certificate from Widener University Delaware Law School and a Bachelor’s degree from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. 



Justin Perillo 

(703) 526-6962


Corelle Anderson 

(703) 908-7703